Slav Nowosad: an independent designer, creator of counterculture, optician. Slav was born in Poland - that's where he lives and creates. He graduated from Secondary School of Arts some years ago in Szczecin where project and exhibition were his majors. In 2K04 he also graduated from Optical School in Lodz. He was 23 years old and decided to choose a path of his career, being an optician, having all-round education and working as a manager, he returned to his fine arts passions and then connected it with the experience and observations about customers’ needs. He began his own glasses project. Slav’s an open-minded man, interested in new trends and technologies - however always with respect for classics. He always says that simplicity is the base for the highest quality or even the maddest ideas. In 2K05 he began to work on unique and most comfortable glasses in the world. In the beginning of 2K07 he opened Nowosad Designworks, a company which, besides the production of glasses and accessories, focuses on building the connection between unconventional products and customers... \m/ rockOn!